Thursday, October 29, 2009

last minute halloween project

I am helping out with the Halloween party at the preschool and saw a few games I thought would work out great for these little guys. But, then I had to go and see this online at 2 nights ago and changed my direction. I thought it might take a little more time than I wanted to spend, but knew it would be worth the effort because I can use it in the future. What I didn't count on was how much paint the canvas fabric soaked up. It took forever to get enough layers to make it look black enough and that was a bit hard with the tiny lines of the skeleton and between the letters. Would gesso have helped? I am no expert, but maybe. I sewed a pocket up top for a dowel rod and today made some bowties out of ribbon. So, we are ready to get this party started.


Bianca said...

Totally adorable!! Such a fun idea.

chasing keegan said...

An amazing job! When you say Canvas Fabric...I am making the assumption that you used the same type of canvas fabric I use when making my own stretchers. Which in that case, yes Gesso would have made your life so much easier, not to mention 9please don't hate me) you could have bought yourself Black Gesso and most likely saved yourself a bit of time, possible frustration and many bottles of black paint.

Now having said all that, it is by no means to cause any hurt feelings, just answering your question. Sometimes I dislike the written word, it always seems to convey the wrong emotion.

All in all, what you did is fantastic, can't wait to try one and I am sure that the kids had a fantastic time with their game and hope that you enjoy it many years to come and can't wait to see what you do next.

Caitlin said...

Oh there you are stranger!!! I love this apron. Very creative and very cute!