Friday, May 21, 2010

apron for kate

I am grateful that my friend asked me to sew an apron for her daughter. I am happy to make it because it gave me a reason to dust off the machine. I'm serious - I need reasons now. I did find that as soon as I was done and had Mallory trying it on, she did want one. So, I now have a reason to keep the machine going since she wants one too. For the apron, I just traced a store bought apron I had for my boys. I added a ruffle and made it reversible too. I love a reversible apron because who knows what mood you are going to be in when you want to wear it and with this, there is an option. I think I need more reversible clothing! That would give me more options and if I spilled on one side, then just turn that shirt, skirt, etc. over. A thought. I added a bird applique on one side with a pocket, but since I don't like making pockets, there isn't a pocket on the other side just her name.
In other news, I went to see Wicked last night. Still love it. I decided next time I see it, I want to take the kids. They have been tortured with the music in the car for the last year and a half and the need to see the story that goes with it.
Okay, that's all, but let's hope my postings are a bit more consistent. Lots of jewelry, but I won't bore you with any of those photos. Cute custom orders though!!


Anonymous said...

That turned out amazing. Love that it's reversible!

Grace Hester Designs said...

You should totally make more and post it to the store! You have a good eye for fabric combinations and it feels like it is in line with the May and Mae vibe.

Very nice!


chris said...

Lovely with a great eye for cute details, as always. Thanks for sharing.

Mellisa said...

Such an adorable little birdie on the apron! I'm sure that jewelry photos wouldn't be boring, you might need to sneak one or two in on your next post :)

Katie Lewis said...

This is adorable!

hope said...

The biers is so cute!

Sharon-The OKI StampQueen said...

Too cute--and the bare feet with it?! Ahhh...made me smile!

Puwi said...

thanks for sharing :)


Kristi said...

How lucky am I to be your friend?!? Kaye love love LoVES it! Seriously Traci, you are amazing.