Thursday, June 24, 2010

a mosaic of pendants

I haven't put any new pendants in our etsy shop in months.  I have been busy making them for my friends and family and I love doing that.  A lot of teacher and birthday gifts.  I try to work on them just a few days a week, especially now that the kids are home from school.  I think I will work on a few different lines for the etsy shop - pick an initial, then pick a back and I will make that pendant custom.  It's easier do that rather than to guess what you all would like and putting them in the shop.  I am going to work on that for next week.  


Unknown said...

I love your pendants... the Alice in Wonderland ones are my favorites I think!

Sharon-The OKI StampQueen said...

I love the charms!!! And I love the idea of "customized" charms. You are right-it's so hard to "second guess" what customers want!What sells one time, you make tons of...then they sit and you sell out of something completely different! Will have to think about what I want!

Karen~ said...

Your pendants are so cute! So if I want to order one I need to go to etsy or just email you?


Unknown said...

I love it and love your entire blog. I nominated you for a blog award that you can pick up here..