Thursday, July 29, 2010

sewing 101 series

Chris at Pickup Some Creativity has been hosting a fantastic series called Sewing 101. Evey day she has had a different blogger post a basic sewing technique or tips to help in all areas of sewing. Today I am posting over there with Basic Applique.

After I sent her my post, I realized there were a few other tips or tricks that I wanted to include, so I will post them here -

  • If in doubt, go slow. Slowly but surly helps especially as you go around the curves.

  • Leave your needle down in the fabric as you do any turns.

  • Be EXTRA careful when cutting away the excess Stabilizer you have on the back of your applique.

This is the kitty applique I made the tutorial over at my Sewing 101 post.

It got me in the mood to make another one for a friend who had a baby girl a few months ago. I have white onesies in a basket just waiting for embellishment and it's one of my favorite baby gifts to give. I made this sweet baby a cute elephant out of lime green fabric from Amy Butler's Love collection.


Nancy said...

Traci, I love your appliques. I have been following the sewing 101 series so I will pop over and read your installment.

Lori said...

Do you post your patterns for applique? I LOVE them, but am not talented enough to draw this free-hand. Any good sources for patterns?

chris said...

Traci, Thank you again so much for the great post. I added a link to this page from it so that everyone can find it.

I love your drawings and designs. Thank you for sharing them.

Mom2fur said...

The appliques are adorable! I love the big eyes on the kitty-cat. You're very creative!

Beverly Jane said...

Tracie, Your appliques are adorable. Yes, you need to sell us a pattern with some of your cutest ideas. I'm not very artistic. Love what you are doing and would enjoy the real sizes in patterns. Thanks very much. Beverly