Tuesday, September 21, 2010

shop update

The may and mae shop has had an amazing update! There are new charms - vintage Halloween ones, initials, fabrics, etc. and Melissa has added fabric kits for her bags in great combinations. I am still making more charms - some smaller 1x1 initials and vintage Christmas pendants. Many of the pendants (charms) now come with a chain!
Check out what we have so far.


mamaTAVE said...

The vintage Halloween charms are cute! If the Christmas ones are similar (which, I'm assuming they are), they will be really cute to tie on top of a gift wrapped in vintage-looking or homemade (thinking brown paper or recycled paper) wrap.

Cindy said...

Your Halloween Charms are so sweet! I really like them.

Cindy said...

FYI Melissa's link didn't work when I clicked on it.