Saturday, October 23, 2010

enjoying autumn

We thought this pumpkin looked like Pac Man

I know this is my favorite time of year because each day that I see the colorful leaves all over my yard, I am excited and don't even want to rake them up. Once when we had just moved in to our house, I had a lady stop by and I apologized for all the leaves everywhere and she said that I was lucky because I had my own natural Fall decoration. I have taken it as such ever since. Sorry to my neighbors who get all my leaves on their lawn!!! We have made our pumpkin cookies, breads and muffins. We have visited pumpkin patches, apple orchards, and have taken hay rides. I have made a few new Fall decorations. Yes, it's a great time of the year. Here are a few photo from our pumpkin patch trips, field trips, and back yard leaf playing.


Julie said...

I love Huber Farms. Maybe I'll make it back there next fall to join you! Your pics are great.

Abbie Smith said...

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