Wednesday, October 26, 2011

seven magical days

We just got back from seven days in Disney World. I never thought we would love it as much as we do. We went two years ago for the first time and fell in love with the place. I am tired from this vacation, but not complaining because we had a blast.


Karyn said...

Gosh I can't believe how much the kids have grown... is Trevor nearly as tall as you? Looks like you have a fun time!

Karyn ♥

chris said...

What a wonderful trip!

LF said...

Looks like you had an awesome trip!!

We went a few years ago for a "once in a lifetime" trip just to say we had been there!

Well, we have been back 4 times since!

It quickly becomes an obsession!!!

Thanks for sharing your happy memories!

Julie said...

Wish we could have been there with you. Next time!

Tanya said...

How fun for you! Sounds like a good time. And your blog looks great!!! I need a make over too. For some reason, it keeps saying that Blogger is no longer supported by my browser, which is Google Chrome (what they recommend), so not sure what's happening. Ready to just start a new one elsewhere.

Cheryl said...

Need more photos!!! Wanted to call you today, but realized it was WAY too late. Hate that dreaded time difference.

The trip looked magical! Your hair is SO long. The longest I think I've ever seen. I love it, but you look beautiful whatever length it is.

Need to see you soon. Fingers crossed my brother will get good news on Wednesday about med school in Louisville. Great excuse to come out OFTEN!!

Give your kids a squeeze from me.

PS It was a year ago (election day) you came up to Cincy to visit. What a fun day that was! Pizza, bingo and catching up. Perfect!

Carpet Bag Vintage said...

We have went a couple of times and a Disney Cruise last year...I am so not a happy happy princess type but I love that place! We usually go in a diverse group and everyone loves it! Glad yall had a good vacation!