Thursday, November 8, 2012

seven days and counting

In a week I will be flying to San Diego to hang out with my dear family and also be a vendor at the Queen Bee Market in Carlsbad.  To say that I am excited is an understatement!  .  
First off, I get to hang with my awesome mom (and dad) and sisters.  Secondly, I get to be a vendor at a market that I have been admiring for a few years now.  Thirdly, I am going to be hanging out in So. Cal during November and you can't beat that!
  I have been soldering so much that as a friend once asked, "do you have fingerprints any more?"  I may have slight lines left on my fingers.  I usually have a few Band Aids on my hands at any given time with cuts from the glass or burns.  After soldering for about four years, I still tend grab the iron the wrong way or touch solder before it cools when I am trying to go fast.  It's a fun, yet crazy hobby.  I have learned to say nicer words when I burn or cut myself.  That's not always easy!
 There are over 70 vendors with hand made items.  That just amazes me.  I am excited to shop myself.  There are plenty of shops I have been admiring on Instagram over the months and I am finally get to see their awesome stuff in person.  
   So, if you live in the So. California area (it's in Carlsbad        to be exact), I would love for you to come to the Queen Bee Market. 


chris said...

You go girl! Congratulations and good luck. Have you tried hydrogel bandages for your burns? They are fantastic, and help you heal super quick.

Simple Simon and Company said...

Oh how fun! I love Carlsbad...when you are there do you ever go eat split pea soup at Andersens? (We always do when we are in the area...wierd I know...)

Good luck at the show!