Tuesday, February 26, 2008

the 1 hour bag in 2 tries and about 4 hours

Okay, I really need to brush up on the metric system. I got this lovely tutorial from Jodie at Ric Rac and thought, I just bought a magnetic snap and some large buttons to cover....perfect! Not so perfect when you think there are 2 cms to an inch and you make the pattern wrong to begin with. Then, you have two kids with the stomach flu and a baby who is getting 4 molars at a time, plus a 3 year old who is just plain crazy. I sound like I am petitioning for sympathy. I am not, but I did want to mention that those things did play into my lack of brain power and the time it took to make it. The first bag I made was rather short and fat. It will work for something... I just need to figure out what. Not a total loss, but quite the learning experience. I managed to make it to the store last night and bought another magnetic snap, some more buttons, and gave it one last try. Success the second time around and I love it. Great tutorial and so cute. It gave me confidence that I do have the ability to follow directions even if mistakes (big ones) were made along the way.


Jodie said...

Hello ! I am so glad you had a go at the bag. I am never sure if people really ant tutorials or not - you have made my day.
Your bag fabric is great BTW!

Melissa {polkadot chair} said...

i forgot to tell you that I LOVE this bag, I totally want to try that pattern, but right now my brain is more engergtic than my body.. So i'll have to live vicariously though you a few more days...
keep posting your stuff is soo cool!