Monday, February 11, 2008

barrettes in action

I thought these barrettes looked better in the hair rather than photographed on my kitchen table. I found some cute buttons on sale at JoAnn's and have cranked out some more. Really, can a girl have too many? Since Mallory does a barrette sweep to her hair about once every hour and just disposes them anywhere and everywhere, then no, there are never too many to be had.


Anonymous said...

She is beautiful! The barretts are cute too!

Julie said...

Your model is darling-love her!

dana said...

Hi Traci,
I was just going through your blog looking to see if you had an applique instructions (my sister was asking, and I actually have no clue on the particulars!).
Anyway, I went far back in the archives. Really fun to see. Mallory has grown up SO much! Such a doll.
And I promise, I don't mean to copy all your ideas. After I posted my "lounging pants", I saw in your archives that you had "lounge pants". similar name, different pants! I guess it's hard when we all have ideas floating around online. anyway, just wanted to say hi and say how cute mallory is/was/continues to be!
And if you do have any applique info on your blog somewhere (simple how-to instructions), I'd love it! Thanks Traci. Glad you had fun in San Diego!