Tuesday, March 4, 2008

sew easy - i don't think so

I have come to realize that the art of sewing isn't really in the fabric selection or pattern selection. It is not even in the dreaming up a something really beautiful. It is in following a straight line and making sure you are catching the right fabrics along the way. When I think of sewing, I think of all the creative, wonderful things you can make. But, what I didn't realize is that it takes a brain that likes to follow directions (me- not so much) to have a project turn out nice. Exhibit A - this dress. I loved the pattern and the fabric and the pattern said, "Sew Easy." Yeah, so easy for some people. They put a zipper in it, teeny tiny bias tape for the arm holes, millions of ruffles, and facing. That's not what I would consider easy. Fabric bags - now those are easy. Curtains - easy. You sew seems and long straight lines. But, after all of this, I did enjoy the challenge of doing something I had never done before - like the zipper. I was always so scared of those. Turns out my machine has a zipper foot and it was pretty easy once I read the directions. Okay, for all you seamstresses out there, this would be easy, but for me it was an accomplishment and for that - I am glad it is over and am ready to start the next "sew easy" project and I think I will take baby steps to the advanced sewing stage!


Heather said...

Love it & love the ruffle--it wouldn't be the same without it.

Also--LOVE LOVE the photo of miss m in the header.

yes--I do know other words besides Love--sorry

TheMorts said...

Oh it is PERFECT!! it looks so awesome! the zipper looks perfect... mine are always crooked.
now the next one will be easier...I love making dresses it's addictive!

~jen said...

sew cute! Love the fabric and girls dresses just need ruffles! I think you did a great job! (I hate zippers because mine always seem to end up a bit wonky) Girls are super fun to make dresses for-this is just the beginning!