Sunday, April 27, 2008

the applique goes on

I love creating these little onesies for baby gifts. I actually don't have a lot of friends having babies right now, but I think my sister's pregnancy is inspiring me. I think I am getting old though because I used to have baby showers to go to every month if not a few, but now the number is shrinking. I think that means that my friends my age are done having babies and now we are moving on. I think it's a little sad, but I am sure that the next stage coming that doesn't involve waking up every two hours to feed a baby will be exciting. We'll just have to see. Anyway, I tried to take a nap yesterday and instead layed there thinking of all the animals I could draw to applique on onesies. Once the wheels start turning, then sleep, especially naps, can be thrown out the window. I managed to get two completely done and one in the works still.


Michelle said...

Kids coloring books are a great place to find patterns for applique. :) These are so cute! Can you share your process? Do you use something like Wonder Under and then stitch around?

Logan and Jennilee said...

I want those!!!! you are so creative!

Kirsty said...

These are really gorgeous!