Sunday, April 27, 2008

monkey and ducky

I am up late with my husband because he got a craving to bake something late at night and I need to assist (and taste). Plus, we are watching the Star Wars Sunday on TV and although I have seen them many times and we own them on DVD, I still manage to get enthralled with it all. I thought I would share the template (very hand drawn - kind of shakey!) for the monkey and ducky as well.

For the monkey - the eyes and nostrils are french knots and I just did a back stitch for the inside of the ears, the smile on the mouth, and the little hairs on the top of his head. Make sure you overlap the mouth piece over the head until it looks right. Also, layer the ears behind the head when you go to iron it on to your project.

For the ducky - just a french knot for the eyes and what I didn't show in the photo was that I went back and machine stitched the outline of a wing on his body.

Okay, that's it and these are yours for personal use to have and to share!


Brett and Amy said...

Man, I want babies so they can wear your adorable creations. Do you think I could get away with wearing an appliqued shirt? Probably not, so I'm going to have to come up with some way to use these. They are way to cute!!

Anonymous said...

These are so lovely. My little girl is duckling mad! She would trade me up the river for a real duckling! I think this little guy might feed some of her addiction! Thank you for sharing - Jen