Monday, August 18, 2008

cherry dress

My mother in law was cleaning out her basement and found her stash of fabric. She showed it all to me and told me to take whatever I want. How do you tell a collector of fabric to take whatever she wants and expect her to not look greedy? I just tried to play it cool and really just take a few pieces. One of the fabrics was this cherry print. I used part of a Simplicity pattern (the same one I used for this dress) for the top, but made the elastic smaller since it was a 2T pattern and I wanted her to wear it now. I eliminated the ruffle at the bottom, lengthened it, added a band, and a pocket. It came out pretty much like I hoped and it was SIMPLE - key for me.


dana said...

AAAAADORABLE! I love it. I want it :)!

Jodie said...

Thats dress is adorable - the fabric is fantastic - I love it!

~jen said...

sooo cute! Love how you're making the patterns your own by tweaking just a bit here and're more creative than you give yourself credit for!