Saturday, August 2, 2008


My husband's company bought some land awhile back that they are building houses on. Today the old farm house was coming down. Now, that does sound sad, I know, but I will be the first to tell you that it wasn't the quaint farm house you are imagining. It had had it and it had no insulation whatsoever and was a mess. They decided not to save it pretty quickly after they bought the land. But, we did go through it and find some old things - like door knobs, a chandelier, etc. - not much, but fun. This morning as the gigantic claw reached up and pulled some of the house down to put in the dumpster, my husband saw a quilt fly out. He had the man stop and found a box that had 5 unfinished quilt tops in it. A few seemed older than others, but they were all pieced and just needed to have the binding put on them and quilted. All that handy work and it almost went in the dumpster. I am so excited about these. The colorful polyester one is by no means an antique treasure, but it is so colorful and will make a nice picnic or beach blanket. So, now I am going to finally have to learn how to bind and quilt. I am afraid of binding - it actually makes me shake, but I will do it. Oh, what a save!


calicodaisy said...

Binding isn't so hard, just tedious!

Julie said...

Heather Bailey has a great tutorial on her blog for binding. Zane has the eye for finding good things!