Friday, September 26, 2008


photo from Country Living Magazine

I was reading my October Country Living and found this article about persimmons. Those little guys are all over my back yard from the big windstorm we had here last week from Hurricane Ike. We get them every Fall and I found the tree where they came from. So, it looks like we have a persimmon tree. The article says they are great to eat, so I think I will be trying those out. We already have raspberries that my four year old goes out to harvest (puts all in his mouth) every day and now if he knows that there is even more to eat in his own backyard, I think he will be overjoyed.

I made a tote for my mother in law for her birthday that was on Monday. She works as a house sitter in a model home and usually reads her mail, balances her check book, reads magazines, etc. So, I wanted something she could tote those back and forth in.

On Monday I tried to open up some pictures from my external hard drive and it kept saying it couldn't because of a corrupt file. I became a mess. We tried to hook it up to the lap top and it said the same thing. Okay, all my friends have been having computers crash and external hard drives go crazy on them and now it was my turn. I had been in the process of backing up all my photos on line too and I was only up to March 2008, so I was panicked. Thanks to my sweet computer literate brother in law and my husband, those photos are back. But, now I am backing up the back ups!

I have been watching the long PBS version of Pride and Prejudice while I have been crafting (and supposed have been working out) this week. I have the more recent version with Keira Knightly and love it. But, there is nothing like the older version with Collin Firth. The looks he and Elizabeth give each other are to die for. You can't beat all the build up that goes in to that relationship. Oh, I love that movie.

Check out this cool drawing by Boston (age 6) that he wanted to take in to art class at school and show his teacher. Love that lion.

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Melissa {polkadot chair} said...

okay, Seriously next time call me before you panic! I know a lot of "tricks" when it comes to rescuing computers..
I love the new look- I read your blog in reader alot so it's always a nice suprise to look and see it different