Tuesday, September 30, 2008

scary ghosts

My boys and I have done this for a few years now. I recruited Gage this time (since he is not in school) to help me make his feet in to ghosts. We just used black construction paper and white paint. I painted the bottom of his foot and we stamped it on the paper. We cut them out and Gage added the googly eyes and mouths with a black pen. A few days later he decided that we needed some more, so this time Mallory and I added our feet in to the mix. I am not sure what Mallory thought even though Gage kept saying, "doesn't it tickle girl?" She didn't have any defining expression, but she let me paint her foot anyways. I only did one because my foot took up most of the paper and Gage told me to leave room for more of his feet on it! This one is so easy and fun to do.

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dana said...

Adorable idea. And so easy! Love the black and white photos.