Wednesday, October 1, 2008

i need some guidance

Sometimes appliques are easy for me and sometimes I get an idea in my head and just start cutting without any guidance. Yeah, that means they don't always turn out how I planned. That's the issue with this rocket - if it even looks like one. But, I am sending it to a new little baby anyway hoping that he thinks it's a rocket!!! Or at least his mom will think it's a rocket and not a crayon on fire!

Oh, and I can't decide if this seal onesie and pants is for a boy or a girl. The pants are a muted red, but with a big cuff. So, can a boy pull this off and not look too feminine? Or can a girl wear this and look girly enough. I might need to add some rick rack to the cuff. Let me know if it should belong to a boy or a girl - please.


dana said...

It's definitely, definitely a rocketship (and a cute one).

The other outfit though, I immediately thought: girl, even before reading the info on it. The big cuff is boyish. But the color just feels girly to me.
Although, now that I look at it again, maybe it could work for a boy.
I guess i'll just leave at: my initial thought was for a girl.

Cute stuff :)

Angela said...

Definately a rocket! You are great, right down to the detailed 3...2...1! I love the seal, my first impression was...girl..but I'm a little biased.

dana said...

Just read your comment on my overalls. And just wanted to say: thank you for noticing the pant leg! Yes, a small detail, but one I was concerned about. I wanted it to be slightly flared (well, at least not tapered as some boy overalls are). But when I was done, I worried that that I had cut the pant leg too slim. I think giving it a big cuff and starting the first snap above the cuff allows it to hang a little better.
So thanks for noticing :).

~jen said...

as the recipient of the rocket, which I could never mistake as a crayon on fire, I say "Thank-you!" It is so cute and I love your thoughtfulness for us. You are inspiring me to sew more for little boys! =) Now he just has to grow a little to fit into it! Thanks again!!

Twinlinebackers said...

I think the rocket is DARLING. Perfect! I thought the second outfit was for a girl before I read. Some ric rac would be really cute though.