Friday, October 17, 2008

i was supposed to be packing

Instead I thought I would finish my Halloween banner. I am taking off to Utah this morning and I have all these Halloween projects to get done because by the time I will get back it will be the week of. But, instead of packing, I finished one of my projects. I did get back to packing and as it turns out, I am ready early, just waiting for the perfect moment to wake up a 22 month old to take with bright and early in the morning. Will it before right before we get in the car or 20 minutes before so that she can have time to wake up and eat? I don't know how too awake I want her, so I will keep watching the clock to decide.


Brett and Amy said...

Come on, I'm trying to move here. I've got quite the "to do" list without adding more. But your banner is SOO cute, I'm going to the store today to buy fabric to make one. I'm justifying it because since they don't celebrate Halloween in Spain, they won't have the supplies I'll need next year when I actually have time to make it. So, now it's bumped up on the priority list.

Anonymous said...

That banner is so. dang. cute. Well done!

Cheryl said...

Loving the Halloween banner. Why in the world did I not know this blog exisited until NOW. You are so creative and talented. REALLY!