Thursday, November 13, 2008

this dress again

I think that I want to use this dress pattern for every dress I make because it is so easy. I used it here and here and just make alterations as I go along to change it up a bit. I used a vintage pillow case this time and it has the look of those simple pillow case dresses out there, but with elastic casings in the neckline and arm sleeves. I love how simple it it.

Then, I made it again for a friend's new baby girl and this time I added the little apron to the front. I didn't want it to be too bulky in the back, so the back tie is just in a knot instead of a bow. I like how it turned out, but I think I could refine it a little with practice.


dana said...

That is a great pattern! I have a similar style for my daughter and I keep using it too b/c it's easy.
LOVE the built in apron. What a brilliant idea! I may have to borrow that one :).
Cute stuff!

Anonymous said...

beautiful... i love the little birdie!

Brett and Amy said...

I love this pattern too! I have 3 similiar ones that I mix and match -Addie's getting too big for the smaller ones. but it's perfect for nightgowns. Love it!

Cheryl said...

Holy Cow! You have got mad skills. I am so impressed with your sewing abilites. Dresses are so hard!

I have two ugly (Dora and Ariel) blankets up in my room needing to be finished. I am being whimpy about wanting to do the silky binding and yet I have to get the mess cleaned up before Thanksgiving.

You on the other hand could have had those suckers whips out in seconds flat.

Love your ideas, the dress and colors. Luck girl who got the dress! ( I am guessing Jamie.)

koala brains said...

Hi - my first time visiting. I love your creations! This is my favorite dress style to make for my 3 year old. I used a top pattern and lengthed it and have played around with the sleeve style, too. I like how you mixed fabric - I'll have to try that out. :) By the way, I did something similar as the white dress you made - I made one using a tablecloth that had lace on the edges and used that as the bottom of the dress. Here's the link: