Thursday, April 29, 2010

more great derby stuff and links

I know the week isn't over, but with my kids getting out of school tomorrow for The Oaks, I feel like the end is near. I really love seeing Melissa's talent and the talent of her guest bloggers. It makes me want to go all out next year for Derby and get the decorations going early.

Today, I worse my Derby pendant. It's an old black and white photo of Secretariat - the Triple Crown Winner and winner of the Derby in 1973 and on the back is an old photo of Churchill Downs where the race is held.

Gage (my 5 year old) had stick horse races at preschool today and his teacher made them each their own horses out of felt and wrapping paper tubes. They are so cute and I am going to have to make sure that guy doesn't get broken too soon. You never know around this house. And, Mallory played with Black Nitro while Gage played with his new horse.

Check out this post at One Pretty Thing - it has a great Derby roundup. And, check out the guest post at The Polka Dot Chair. Great ideas for a Derby Party.


Cheryl said...

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your Derby pendant. So fun that you got two amazing pictures to put on each side. Very perfect to wear on Derby day (or any other day too...).

anne maskell said...

Hi Traci, I'm giving you the Versatile Blogger award. details will be posted on my site tonight!