Wednesday, December 29, 2010

shop reopened and updated just a bit

I put the shop in vacation mode for the past week and a half to spend time with my family. It was so nice, but when I looked for my shop on etsy - vacation mode means your shop is like a black hole. So, it was time to bring it back to life and this time with a few more charms. I have tons more initials to list as well, but as I was listing the current ones at midnight, a child woke up at that time sick. The poor boy was up all hours of the night (as were his parents!) and I hope he gets better soon. We have avoided sickness all vacation...until now. Hopefully, we will all be recovered for a New Years Celebration (or my birthday tomorrow!).

I have some new pendants/charms I am going to be working on for Valentines - the stick sized ones (1/2"X 1 1/2") with some cute sayings and maybe a little glitter. I'll work on those when the kids get back to school. In the mean time, we will work on recovering.

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chris said...

No fun to have sickness in the home. I hope everyone gets lots of rest and feels better soon.