Saturday, January 1, 2011

christmas card 2010

I like to see every one's Christmas Cards and try to get ideas for next year. I didn't have a family photo taken this year, unfortunately, but I was able to find a cute photo of each of the kids to add to this one. I ordered my cards at as 4X6 postcards with envelopes for such a reasonable price. I love that they offer a gloss sheen and rounded corners. It's the reason I chose them for my business cards as well.


Deanna said...

I just started following your blog (I have you in reader) a few weeks ago and LOVE the ideas you come up with! Here's a link to our card this year...I couldn't decide which I liked, so I did a few. LOL! The one I ended up printing and sending to family is the top one. :)

Happy New Year!


chris said...

So fun to see how others put cards together. Maybe I'll actually get one done next year!

JustCorey said...

That is a great card I will probably have better cards when our lil one is a little older. I just did our first Christmas letters this year and only sent out 6 or 7... then i sent out postcards to family and friends... you can see my ideas at

Have a Happy New Year!

Andrew & Tara said...

I'm glad to see that a sports team made the highlights of others cards as well! I thought it was crazy but my husband insisted that the Ducks being in the national championship game was the highlight of our year!

JustCorey said...

About photos as postcards:
I don't know about all the postcards that i sent out but i do know of the condition of three...
2 from kentucky to texas in good condition
and 1 from kentucky to missouri and back (wrong address) in great condition

I will definitely be mailing photos as postcards in the future!
...even non-holidays ;)

*DEBORAH* said...

What an adorable Christmas card...

Karyn said...

I received my card yesterday and I love it...even Alan commented how great it looked!

I l♥ve your camera bag your mum made. I just got my new camera yesterday and am already hunting out a decent bag that isn't too bulky. You are a lucky girl!

I also love your sling...those fabrics together are divine!

Karyn xo