Friday, January 20, 2012

a little more love

It's an addiction all right. I have been cutting out sugar (my addiction) from my diet as of late due to some health problems, so maybe this has replaced it - the addiction of sewing Love pillows. It's a lot better for my health than the sugar! I made four more pillows using the tutorial I posted here.
I like them all, but I am digging the grey felt applique on the red striped fabric. This might be my favorite.
The hot pink looks cool on the white with black dot fabric. This photo doesn't show the colors well.
I freezer paper stenciled the cream and black one using black fabric paint. I have given a few of these away and plan on tossing the rest on people's door steps since I have been making a few too many.
I am keeping the grey heart appliqued pillow for myself. Got to keep some of the Love at home!


chris said...

These pillows are all darling. I'd have a hard time giving them away. I love the grey and red combination.

Mique (as in Mickey) said...

SO SO cute Traci! Love them.

Cheryl said...

Got mine in the mail TODAY!!!! You are amazing. The package made our month! To find Christmas and Valentine surprises, so fun! You are just so talented. I love the ornaments and necklace. THANK YOU!! And the kids are itching to play that game. I think I'll kill them since I know more Disney than them, but they might just surprise me. Calling you tomorrow!! Love you!!

Rachel said...

So cute! Especially the striped one!

Amanda Lee said...

Love these! I would love to make them but dont have time too. I know somewhere on your blog im gonna find your etsy shop :}