Thursday, January 5, 2012

simple tote

It felt good to sew again. It was so cold up in my sewing room that I had to bring the machine down to the kitchen table. But, I was still able to make a simple tote in a few hours. I made it as a belated Christmas gift for a friend.
The dimensions I used were 15" wide X 17" high and the straps were each 24" long X 4" wide - folded in half and then in to itself making 1" side straps. I used the same method I used for the trinket keepers - hole in the bottom of the lining and pulling the outside fabric through. I added some stiff stabilizer to the back of the outside fabric, but not on lining or straps.The outside fabric is Paris Bebe and the lining is by Elisabeth Merrill for RJR Fabrics.
It made me want to sew more. I left the machine on the kitchen table. It won't help our family dinners, but it will help me sew!

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