Friday, April 27, 2012

just a few totes

I know that I am not reinventing a pattern or using too many creative juices when I make a tote bag and with a quick project like this, I prefer not too.
I even avoid adding pockets and too many details to a tote, so that I can get it done quickly and add the goodies inside.  I don't think one can have too many or that I could ever make too many!  If my kids ever get invited to girl birthday parties and I have time, I make a tote like this one and fill it up with coloring supplies.
My mom made my daughter a really cool tote with clear vinyl and fabric and filled it up with glitter glue, markers, coloring pads, etc. and that thing goes with Mallory every where.  So, I can't deny a little girl a chance to draw.
 I know boys draw too, but my boys are older and I don't want to send them to a party with a tote full of art supplies and be embarrassed.

 I love totes and versions of a tote, like this kidlet.  This one is going to be filled with baby bath supplies or baby books to give to a mom who just had a baby she named Benson. 

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