Wednesday, April 25, 2012

new summer jams in the spring

Every time the weather turns a bit warmer, I break out my patterns for pjs for the kids.
I think I get excited to shed the flannel and move on to something a little more light and airy.
Baby doll jammies and night gowns for Mallory are my favorite.
  In the past I have made her at least one pair of baby dolls each Spring.  This year I made her a pair of baby dolls and a night gown out of some lovely yellow and purple sear sucker that was sent to me as a gift from a blogger over seas, Zia Koko, four years ago.  I think I was saving it for the perfect project. 
I used a simple See & Sew B5119 pattern that is for a night gown and a set of baby doll jams.  I didn't put the ruffle on the nightgown nor the bow.  Mallory is girlie, but not that girlie.  As for the other jams, I added a 2 inch piece of fabric to the bottom of the top since it runs a bit short.  Overall, these were simple and quick..perfect for beginner who wants to get a project done in a day.

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