Monday, September 10, 2012

number 31

I'm getting in that mode.  It finally cooled down here (for the moment) last Saturday and I have pulled out my Halloween decorations.  I decided I needed a few more so I am in the process of making a few new wooden signs to place around the house.  Number 31 is first.  It is bold and just has a hint of Halloween with the two grey spiders creeping around.  I put it on my mantel and love how it looks up there.  

Don't mind the TV and the Wii receptor on our mantel.  I guess I should be glad I still have a bit of space to decorate amongst the electronics!

Here are are the wooden stacked blocks I made about five or six years ago.  I used to spread them around, but really like them stacked on top of each other instead this year. 

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