Thursday, July 10, 2008

i'm in love with onesies

I love making these onesies, as you can tell. Felt is the easiest fabric for me to work with when it comes to appliques. I love it and so many colors. Unfortunately, there aren't too many fabric stores around that have felted wool, so I have been making them with the acrylic stuff (cheaper and tons of colors), but I will admit that it's a tiny bit harder to work with than the felted wool. I have been washing the onesies first and then I wash them again when I am done to make sure that everything is staying in place. I don't want them falling apart when I give them away. "Great gift fell apart the first time my baby wore it!" That's something I fear I will hear. So, I am trying to give them run throughs and still hoping they look new. If I do a lot of stitching or embroidery on them, then I add a layer of light fusible interfacing the the inside to cover up all the thread and knots.
Here's the lowdown - 1. vintage caboose iron on transfer 2. snail out of felt 3. guitar out of felt 4. heart to patch up the tiny hole i made in the bum cause i caught it up in my machine. there's always a solution!

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Anonymous said...

oooh how sweet. They just melt my heart! Hopefully After september when we have IVF treatments, I will have a reason to buy a dozen of these! :) :)

Hope all is well. xox