Friday, July 11, 2008

yep, we finally tried it

This freezer paper stenciling is so great. I think we are the last ones on the planet to give it a whirl, but we did this week and we (the boys picked the designs) are hooked. I followed a few different posts about it - here - here - and here. There is actually a flickr group dedicated to the lovers of the craft here and I saw so many cute ideas. We just made a shirt for Gage and one for Boston. Trevor doesn't have any extra t-shirts that aren't already printed on first, so we'll have to go out and get some of those. I really love the prints on the onesies (of course) and will be branching out it that world soon I am sure. I also just bought the only fabric paint I could find at Hobby Lobby, but I read that this is the best paint for these sorts of projects. So, I'll have to investigate that. In the meantime, I am searching the closets for available t-shirts and dreaming up new stencils!


Louise said...

Hi Traci, just stopped by to say hi and thank you for your comment on my train quilt. I have enjoyed a lovely read of your blog. You have great style and beautiful children! Make sure you go for it with your illustrations. That's how my pattern business started - people asked me for them! And as for copyright - my partner and I just write copyright, our names and the date and that seems to be enough for now. Great to meet you! Louise x

driftwood shack said...

This is a really cool idea- we don't et freezer paper in the uk, but I have tried screen printing and managed a cool yoda t-shirt but I have a feeling my boys will want guitars now!