Wednesday, July 16, 2008

does a better apron make better cookies?

Gage had a cute lime green apron that we bought a few months ago, but we (okay it was me) decided to dress it up a bit. I did give him the choice of what animal he wanted on the front and monkey it was. Fits him perfectly - both the apron and the monkey! I think he was a better chef with this apron. We made some yummy chocolate chip cookies and even added a few dark chocolate m & ms for mom.


Barbara said...

I don't know if it makes better cookies, but it makes baking them more fun! :)

driftwood shack said...

of course they taste better! because an apron makes you a professional cookie maker (though it does look like it says Gag on the apron which is unfortunate!)

traci said...

That made me laugh - gag. That would be quite unfortunate for both the boy and the item he was making! It's Gage, but Gag could be a future nickname!