Tuesday, December 16, 2008

ice storm today

And I am staying in to finish sewing and making these mini lemon pound cakes to go in ceramic mini loaf pans I bought last year for this year. I was going to make the orange pound cakes from Barefoot Contessa's Family Style Cookbook which I was told by both my mom and sister that it is amazing. But, I messed up on my first batch because I had a hard time determining how many mini loaves I could get out of the recipe (explosion of pound cake in the oven forcing me to clean the oven), so I am moving on the Martha's recipe. My mom found it and it looks lovely. So, today I will attempt lovely. I have made tons of toffee and think I have managed to eat it at a slow pace. That being said, I have enjoyed many other treats at a relatively fast pace. That's what this season does to me. Yum!


Phillippa said...

What a lovely idea- is that poppy seed on the icing? so pretty I have this serious black and white fetish! We put chunks of white chocolate in the bottom of our lemon buns really crunchy and caramelly yum!

Phillippa said...

Hi Me again- I am giving some ribbon to the runners up in my giveaway, which one was it you liked and where shall I send it again? Cheers Zia