Thursday, December 4, 2008

what i've been working on


dana said...

Wow. That's A LOT of buttons.
Cute creation!

dana said...

haha. you're so funny. But please don't think I'm a sympathy commenter. I leave comments because you make some seriously cute/cool stuff! But I'm glad to be a faithful commenter :).

And yes, my labels. I think you asked about this once and I totally forgot to respond?! Was that you??? I just want to make sure otherwise I'll go back in the comments and figure out who left it so that I don't leave them hanging too. whoops.

So I used a company called
They were great, easy to work with, quick turn around and I've been very pleased with my labels. I first was going to make just my large label (which says "joon bug" and has the little face) but then at the last minute I decided I wanted an additional small label with just the little face. They were very accommodating and only charged me half the price for the second label.
The smallest quantity you can order is 250 labels. I think I ordered 400-500 and overall for Both labels I prob spent about $400. This is all fuzzy now though b/c it's been a couple years. Anyway, you should go to their website and look at their pricing.
My sister designed the logo/label for me, which we sent to them along with the specific Pantone color (if you're not sure what that is, you can find good info online. There's a specific spectrum of colors used in graphic design to make sure the printer gets just the right color)

And that's about it! I'm sure there are other companies that do just a good a job. But my sister had researched this one out and after looking at their sample work (also found on the website) I decided to just go for it. It's been so fun to have my own labels to sew into stuff. I LOVE it! You should do it! It's a fun investment.

Have a good weekend!

Lyndal said...

love your the button idea and admire your patience they look great so far.