Monday, December 1, 2008

packages off and a new wreath

Did everyone survive the Thanksgiving weekend? We had our cabin fever moments, but really had some great times with the family. The one sad moment was when my youngest fell off a chair and cut open her chin, but after six stitches she was back to climbing chairs the next day. She has had more injuries than the three boys put together. I did manage to get this button wreath done. My Boston kept asking to help me, but even I was burning my finger tips left and right with the glue gun and couldn't do that to him. I wish I could have let him help though. I finally got the packages ready to send to the giveaway winners. I always have great ambition when it comes to getting things off in the post, but they will be sent tomorrow!


dana said...

How cool! I love that wreath. Buttons, who would have thought? Apparently you did :).

and your comment about my daughter's Converse really made me laugh. Yea, I think they're adorable on little girls. I got her the high-top version which takes longer to put on but so far she doesn't seem to mind. AND they're black so her brother can wear them down the road. She hasn't reached the "I want to dress myself" stage yet. Yikes. Uh, can't wait. I guess at that point I make sure that everything in all drawers can sort of go together?
Yes, keep the hope alive for your little girl and Converse Allstars!

(your packages look so cute all tied up and ready to go. :) )

Matt, Carolynn & Kaiya Reynolds said...

Hi! I just wanted to thank you so much for the outfit for Kaiya, It is sooo cute. It fits her just right too! Thanks Again! I'll have to take a pic of her in it and send it to you!