Sunday, January 25, 2009

baby doll, new calendar, and overcoming the fear of knitting

Mallory's (we call her Miss Mae) 2nd Birthday was on Friday. I know she is a big fan of Dora, but I wanted to introduce her to a new love - a handmade doll. I found the perfect pattern with the perfect name -the Mae Doll- on You Can Make This. It was easy and I love how it turned out. Mallory seems to pay more attention to the Dora napkins and plates from her party than the doll, but I still have hope. The doll will last while I know the love of Dora will end...someday.

Ever since I saw Heather's block calendar over at Lark & Lola I have had it on my list to make. I knew they would make great Christmas gifts. Well, obviously I didn't get them made before Christmas. But, I could make tons and be sooooo early for Christmas this year, right? Probably not going to happen, but my mom and I tested them out while she was here and they are so easy and fun to make. I found a stamp set at Michael's that had numbers, days of the week, and months on them. That made it easy. We were thinking that you could make one extra so that there was 8 in a set and put different stamps of holidays (heart for Valentines, snowflake, egg, flag, pumpkin, etc.) and then if you could find a cute metal tin to put them in that would be the perfect presentation for a gift. I am going to be on the hunt for a tin that they will fit in.

Also, I haven't forgotten about the giveaway. I will post it this week. I just took my mom to the airport on Saturday and sent her back to the warm weather of California. My husband came back that same day from a week long trip to the National Home Builder's Show in Las Vegas where his company, Urbane Homes, won some awards for their affordable energy efficient homes. So, we are getting back to reality and back on schedule.

PS - I finally learned how to knit. My mom was determined to get me over my fear and have a heart shaped pot holder to prove it. You got to start small! She, on the other hand, has this knitting thing down. Here are a few of the things that she made while she was here.


dana said...

Cool stuff all around. CUTE doll, fun blocks, and I love that hat your mom made. It looks so soft.
I like the new blog look. Cute picture of you and your son :).

Heather said...

I *LOVE* your calendar! Great job!

Brett and Amy said...

The doll turned out so cute -I love her dress fabric! I am a HUGE fan of your block calendar (is that an obvious hint?), I love the papers and fonts. Good Job, Traci!

koala brains said...

Love the hat your mom made. I have tried knitting several times w/ no success. I find it frustrating b/c if I make the slightest mistake, I have no idea how to fix it.