Friday, January 30, 2009

frozen in ice

We have been without power and buried in snow and ice since Tuesday. We lost power Wednesday morning and it finally came on this afternoon. Trees are frozen sideways and some just snapped in half - frozen. I have never been so grateful to have a generator in all my life. We didn't get one until Tuesday night and we all slept in the same room with little beds made for each of the kids on different spaces on the floor. We still ended up with a few in our bed each night, but we had heat in that one room and whether from the space heater or our bodies, I am not sure, but I am thankful for that heat. Last night we got our TV up for a bit and let the kids all watch a movie before they fell asleep. We had fun together and we had dad around a lot - when he wasn't waiting in a four hour line for a generator, buying flashlights, or fuel! It has been sort of like a mini vacation - just a very cold vacation! I kept thinking how hard this would have been if my husband was still in Las Vegas and it was just me and my mom here. Thank goodness for dad! It also reminds me of how much better things are when you are prepared and that we need to add a lot to our 72 hour kit!

Okay, I am excited about the giveaway. It ends at midnight tonight eastern time. I will pick tomorrow morning and let you know tomorrow. Thanks for everyone who signed up and if you know me...there probably won't just be one winner. I just can't keep to one. But, I am not sure what else I will give away. I will just start gathering stuff upstairs if I am not careful!

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