Saturday, January 31, 2009

giveaway winner(s)

Okay, I put all the names in a bowl this morning and here are the results....

megan is the winner of the giveaway!!

So, megan send me your address at my email - traciu73atyahoodotcom

And, I couldn't just pick one, so I chose three more names for more undetermined prizes. I will have something ready to send for the next three by next week. I haven't had my sewing machine working or lights and heat up in my craft room this week, so it might take me a bit to come up with something. But, it will be Valentines related and hopefully, you will like it.

Jenni, Amy, Michaele are the other prize winners

Ladies, email me your addresses too!


Jenni said...

Thanks Traci!

dana said...

aw, shucks :).
Congrats to the other ladies!

Michaele Sommerville said...

You MADE my Friday Traci! I'll be blogging about the goodies you sent over this weekend-

Everything is a treasure, including the beautiful tag! Happy Valentine's Day to you~