Thursday, February 5, 2009

i promise, i am almost done with valentines day - maybe

It's almost here, so that means I am almost done. There are just so many cute ideas out there and what else is there to do during the frozen times of winter? Now, I don't decorate much for Easter, but you never know, I could hit another stride and start making an entire new collection of beauties! I made a few felt hair clips for my daughter. These are just too easy not to make. I bought a bag of heart buttons at the craft store so I have many to work with.

One of my "go to" crafts that I tend to make are stenciled blocks. My husband is a home builder and we have many pieces of wood in the garage that I confiscate and cut into pieces. I print the words on a overhead projector transfer sheet and then cut out with an exacto knife. I just stenciled "Sweet" on these and then stenciled a heart at the end. I wrapped yarns and ribbon around then and added a felt heart tied to the top. Easy and I made the stencil last year and it was good to go for another 4 blocks this year - although it has almost bit the dust.

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