Wednesday, February 4, 2009

martha's cute idea

When we had the ice storm we had a power surge before the power was gone for good, and ever since then our computer is not itself. I have been using my husband's laptop when he comes home from work. I am trying to convince him that I need a laptop too since our home computer needs to have a schedule to it with the kids taking over for all these *amazing* computer games (thanks Webkinz). We'll see if I get far with that. Anyway, I guess I was saying all that because I have all my photo editing programs on that computer - not that I use them that much, but I would love them to be helping me out a bit or at least cropping my photos. So, don't mind the extra space around the photos.

Do you get Martha's idea of the day emailed to you? Or cookie of the day? She always has some great ones. Today it was her handmade heart doilies. Very cute.

Also, the giveaways have been mailed to the winners. So, look for them in the mail at the end of the week. Would it be crazy if I had another one soon? I could just have a giveaway blog. We'll see...

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megan said...

did you really make a pincushion for everyone? mine came today and I am in love. I also realized how much work it must have taken to make!!! seriously, love everything!!!! thank you thank you thank you!! such a fun package :-) I will be sending something your way as well :-)