Tuesday, February 10, 2009


I needed to figure out a gift for my nephew last week. Boys are sometimes hard to sew or craft for, I will admit. If I had enough of that Pokemon fabric left, I could have made pj bottoms, but we used most of that pretty quickly. So, at Michaels I found their sketch books on sale and my boys had been given sketch books and pencils for their birthdays last November and they loved them. They put them by their bed to draw at night or take them with us when we are going on longer drives. So, I bought one for my nephew Graeme and just fixed it up a bit. I added a stamped page with his name on in and then made a slip cover for the back which had a pocket with a snap on it to put all his pencils in. Easy and I hope he likes to draw as much as my boys do.

Then, I was at my friend's and saw her Valentine banner hanging on her mantel. To say that I loved it would be an understatement. I really loved it and told her. To that she said, "Good. I am glad you like it because I made one for you too and I have it downstairs." Dream come true and super sweet of my friend. It now hangs in my dining room from hooks that once had wreaths on them, but have been empty waiting for this banner, I think!

Also, Jellie (my sister)....here's your wedding present. So, do you still want it although you got married two years ago? Ha, well, I am sometimes slow at gift giving, but I did know that I had something that I was making for you, it just took a bit for me to put it together. So, when you are back from Hawaii and have some permanent roots, I will send it to you.

Here are a few more of the Sweet blocks. I ended up getting five of them made and did keep one for myself. Sometimes I forget to, but this time I am glad that I did.

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Logan and Jennilee said...

I want it! I want it! Oh it is sooo beautiful! YOu are sooo creative! I love it...you are the best!