Friday, June 19, 2009

bucket gardening

We have this huge space on the side of our back yard set aside as our garden area. And, we used to be so great at getting it tilled and seeds planted with a bit of everything, but especially many varieties of tomatoes.  Since last year we just didn't get it in, we were determined to get it in this year, but ran out of time again.  So, I got on the internet to find a way to get our tomatoes going and going quickly.  I read about bucket gardening and we gave this a shot.  We have 9 buckets with holes drilled out the sides and bottoms the size of a quarter.  We put our tomatoes plants in and surrounded the roots inside with spanish moss. Then, we filled the buckets up with Miracle Grow Soil and hung them on our fence.  So far the first one we got going (about a week before the others) is taking off great and even has baby green tomatoes on it.  I am excited to see if this will really work.  I had a lady tell me you can order cucumbers on the internet that are to be grown in buckets and pots.  I wish we would have planted other vegetables, but I am happy that my tomatoes will be here soon so I can make caprese salad.   One of the buckets has little cherry tomatoes coming out the bottom and I thought it would be like a little tomato vending machine for my 4 year old who loves them.  Now, I just have to watch their progress.  


Allie said...

I've wondered if that really works. I guess it does. Maybe I'll get to try it next year. Thanks for the post.

marissa | Rae Gun Ramblings said...

wow that's super interesting. I've got a ton of tomato plants growing strong in containers but you know just normal plant in pot style, this looks so cool

Anonymous said...

Wow! Better and probably much cheaper than, The Topsey Turvey!

Char @ Crap I've Made said...

We tried this last year and failed miserably. Glad to see it works. Maybe next year?

Anonymous said...

This is so cool! I've seen all sorts of container gardening and even done hydroponics as a kid, but I've never seen this--it looks awesome, especially for those of us who are space challenged. I'd love for you to post again on your progress with this.

Phillippa said...

I know what its like sometimes there only seem to be a few months between february and december dont there?

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