Wednesday, June 3, 2009

just a few things

-Thanks for your kind words about the nautical banner.  It really was fun to make.  A few of you asked about where I get my applique patterns.  I draw a few myself, but if I can't come up with something cute, I rely on a few other sources - clip art, books with baby crafts/gifts like this one, and good ol' martha where you can find these, these, these, to work with.  Oh, and here, here, here, and here as well!

-I have a really good friend who has been so generous with her awesome talent for bow making. She has made tons of bow for my daughter and for everyone at church.  Because of her, our girls look prettier.  She is moving in less than two weeks and we are all trying to scramble to learn the art of bow making with several hands on sessions at her house.  I think she is the pro, but with the pro gone we all have to step up and attempt.  Kristi, these are for you - my first generation bows as you would say.  I attempted last night and yes, they need a ton of work, but with practice, maybe I can make them 1/2 as well as you do.  One more thing - she won't take $ for her bows - just gives them all away. Amazing, that girl!

-We have been without my car for over a week because the transmission went out when my husband was driving it to Boy Scout camp for a meeting.  I was so glad that it wasn't me and the kids on the side of the freeway and so was he.  It makes me appreciate that second car.  I have had so many friends offer to get me food when they go to the grocery store and offer to take me there or anywhere else I want to go.  We are getting it fixed and still deciding if it is will be our lifetime car or if it is time for a change.  This is its second transmission in less than two years.  So, as we mull it over, I have spent more time at home which allows for more time to craft.  A nice break, but a bit hard when there are tons of end of the year school activities going on that I need to be at.   It has all been working out.  


Jennwith4 said...

Those bows are so cute! I need to learn how to make bows. With 3 girls we are always in short supply.

Marjorie said...

Love the bows! I want to learn how to make them too:)

sb said...

Sounds like, between you and the other ladies you've mentioned at various times, your ward must have plenty of great craft Enrichment nights.

Jessica said...

I just found your blog via Made by Rae and I must say Hi! and that I love everything you make. I'm currently scouting for bandannas to make my little one a skirt.
Hope your car woes end soon!!!

Laura said...

Really cute bows! I haven't tried bow making yet. Yours look really good.

The Sproutz Store said...

Hi Traci,

Yes, you can link us! Good luck with the produce bags. I love them!

Happy Sewing!

Kristi said...

You are like professional already! And stop, I'm not that nice. They are first (and second, and third) generation bows I'm giving away, after all..... I think you may be ready to take on the bow-making torch.

Oh, and I went through the girl's bows again and I have a bag full of 4th generations if you're interested... :)

Kristi said...

Oh, and remember --- there's always the Taurus! It'd be a hot ride (for yard sale prices)!