Friday, July 24, 2009

slowly growing

Just a quick update on our tomatoes plants that we are growing in buckets that I wrote about in this post. They are all doing great and the cherry tomatoes are ripe and ready for picking. The others are growing slowly, but surly. It's been nice watching the progress of these and all the while knowing how easy they were to plant. The cherry tomatoes are growing down so low that it's like a little tomato vending machine for my four year old who loves them. My friends that are already getting their tomatoes from their gardens are sharing and since ours might be awhile, we can share when theirs have come and gone.


Anonymous said...

oh. very nice. mine aren't even close to ready yet--i think they might be too shaded this year by a tree that keeps growing...waiting for our vending machine though--we love to grab a few on our way out the door usually...but probably not for a couple weeks here.

Bea said...

Your tomatoe plants look beautiful. I, too, will have to wait at least two more weeks for mine to be ready. Just a few small green ones so far.