Friday, April 1, 2011

new easter charms in the shop and other stuff

I listed several Easter soldered charms in my shop a few days ago. I also have some Kentucky Derby charms I am about to list soon. I tried to get them in the shop before I headed to San Diego last week, but I was too rushed for time. In San Diego I was able to meet my niece, Velzy, and catch up with my parents and siblings. It was so nice and relaxing. I just took daughter with me while the boys stayed at home with dad. We hit In N' Out, Konos in Pacific Beach, and I got to shop at Trader Joes. I always have a list of a few places I need/want to go to when I am out there. I came home to some very cold weather and was told I missed snow while I was gone. I am so looking forward to Spring. I have Spring Fever which means every day when I get dressed, I just look at my capris hanging in my closet and wish it were time to put them on. Then, I head to the jeans and longs sleeves and just stare - wishing it just wasn't so. Soon, right? In the mean time, I will keep going knowing that Spring weather is just around the corner!

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