Tuesday, April 5, 2011

personalized pillowcase tutorial

I was lucky enough to be introduced to Bridget's blog - Mint Green with Envy a while back and even more fortunate to be asked to guest post over there about two weeks ago. For that post, I created a tutorial for a personalized pillow case. I made two - one for my six year old son and one for my four year old daughter. I will admit that I haven't made anything for my boys in quite a long time and I was thinking that my son wouldn't think much of the pillowcase, but I was wrong because he LOVED it. He is sleeping on it everynight. My daughter loves her's too, but I was expecting her to because she gets enamored with anything new...at least until the next thing comes around! The directions are simple and if you head over to Mint Green with Envy you can get the full tutorial. But, basically, you make a simple pillowcase and use the pattern found HERE to make the child's face and hair that best suits the child you are making the pillow for. I drew these and hope they work for you. You applique them on to the front of the pillowcase using the basic technique of Heat N Bond or Wonder Under to adhere them to the fabric and then stitch around the edge of each piece for the child face - head, hair, eyes, hair bows, etc. You can also applique the child's name using 2 1/2 to 3 " letters of your choice. It's all simple and a fun way to add some personalization to their beds. *Remember - the applique pattern is for personal use only*


Caitlin said...

Holy Cow! These are adorable. It reminds me of the car pillow cases we had growing up. You are one talented little bee :)

Karyn said...

Ohhh these are just too adorable... perhaps I should give it a try and make one for Spencer!