Monday, April 11, 2011

this girl loves mud and new pjs

This post was supposed to be about the new pajamas I sewed for Mallory. I took a few photos of her in them last night. We went outside to take them and when I was done, I went inside to get dinner ready. My six year old came in a while later and I realized he was muddy.

I went out to check on Mallory and realized she had turned the hose on a mud hole to make it even dirtier and was covered in mud. So much for new clean pjs. I can't say I was mad because of part of me loves that she likes to get dirty and play outside with the boys. I was a bit frustrated because I could have put some other clothes on her if she was going to start digging mud holes. I guess I will just have to soak them a bit!

It was rather warm last week and I realized that she didn't have many summer jams, so I was excited to make some for her. Plus, she said she wanted to have a pajama party with me. I have had this sheet for awhile and used Simplicity Pattern #4767 to make her a new set. I used the extra fabric to make a pair of pj shorts for myself. Mother/Daughter pj party, right? Well, since she got all dirty and I really was too tired, the party has been postponed. I know she won't let me forget that it still needs to happen. She says we will have popcorn, a movie, and "NO BOYS!"


Tanya said...

Haha!!! That's great, Mallory! Have enough fabric for me? I want to come to your p.j. party too.

Sarah said...

This is so cute! She would get along with my girls. Miss you guys!

Anonymous said...

I think the mud adds just the right touch :)

Mrs. Rogers said...

That second to last picture made me laugh out loud, classic face! Super cute PJ's as well!