Friday, September 9, 2011

a stash bag

Awhile ago I got a special bag in the mail from Dana at Made. It has become a perfect bag to carry in my purse where I can keep a treat or two just for me. Although, the fish on the front give it away and the kids know they can probably find some Swedish Fish in there. I thought that my friends might need some candy stash bags of their own. I made a few and this is the one I made for my friend Sara who has recently moved to Philly. I filled it with her favorites - dark chocolate. The pouch is just big enough to carry a few treats, but not too big that you might overload it (but, is that really a bad thing?). I followed the directions from Noodleheads's blog for the Lil Cutie Pouch and just beefed up the size a bit and eliminated the tab for the key ring. Oh, and I lined the outside fabric with fusible medium weight lining just to make sure it can hold all that chocolate and not collapse!

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Karyn said...

What a cute idea. You know I constantly use my little purse you sent me - the green polka dot one... it's perfect to fit in my lipstick and a little mirror and a few other bits and pieces instead of carrying a full sized cosmetic purse.

I love the idea of a stash of treats just for you!!!

Karyn ♥