Thursday, January 7, 2010

she knew

She knew of my love for the fish - swedish. I love them so much and I love the fact that Dana over at Made was sweet enough (oh so sweet enough) to send me this surprise in the mail -

Dana's photo from her blog Made

It's a zipper pouch that is lined with vinyl covered red and white polka dot fabric. I was so surprised and delighted with it. She also sent me a bag of red swedish fish that were hiding inside. It was one of the bags she made in last week's SYTYC and also the winner of last week's competition. Check out the tutorial for them here. I am so lucky.

Both of these photos are from her blog too!

I was figuring... I could keep this in my purse and ALWAYS keep it stocked. That way, I will never run out or be sad. Because I relate happiness to swedish fish. Okay, there are other things that make me happy, but this candy brings me such sweet memories. When we were little kids and would go to the mall with my mom, she would take us to the candy counter at the department store and buy us each a few ounces of swedish fish to keep us occupied while we rode on the stroller or walked along side my mom throughout the mall. Very Fond memories. When my little girl first started saying the word candy, she would say "bobby." I think it was because her first candy was a lollipop and all she got out of that word was "bobby" like "lolly." So, when she and I go shopping while the brothers are in school we usually (always) pick up a bag of "fish bobbies," which are swedish fish. So, I think I have passed the love down to the next generation.

Here is my photo of the sweedish fish pouch. Notice that there aren't fish because these little ones (and me) ate them all. But, soon this pouch will be filled again and all will be right in the world. Thanks again Dana.


Carmen @ Life with Sprinkles on Top said...

Yum! I love Swedish Fish too!!! I remember buying them at the mall when I was a kid too.

seven thirty three said...

MmmmmMMMMMmmm - I too LOVE swedish fish. They are my go to candy of choice! Dana is a very sweet lady indeed!

Just Rhonda said...

oh i love them too!!! And what an AWESOME present!! Love those pouches!

dana said...

What a cute post! And very cute story from when you were little. I also remember going to the candy counter (in Sears? I think. weird) with my mom and I would always get candy corns. I'm sure my daughter will have some similar memories when she grows up! Hopefully it's not from massive amounts of trips to Sonic :).

Btw, love the new blog header! And wow, our minds really think alike....I've been floating around a snowflake and baby blue blog header in my mind for a week now. crazy!

Thanks again for posting. enjoy your fish pouch!

Jen @ said...

That is the sweetest little pouch!


The Vintage Magpie said...

I LOVE that pouch! What an amazing idea!! xx

Bianca said...

I loved that pouch the first time I laid eyes on it! I wouldn't be able to keep my fingers out of it, if it was mine, though. So that's probably a good thing. I LOVE swedish fish too!! I mean, you'd have to be crazy not to, right?