Monday, January 4, 2010

resolutions and show & tell

Kids are back to I the only one who started out by exercising today? I tried to start exercising during December so that when January and resolutions came around, I would already have that one down. I fell off the wagon when the kids were home for two weeks, but I am happy to say that I am back on. Plus, I have no excuse (other than I would rather sleep sometimes) because I have many options in my own home like DVDs, the Wii, an elliptical, etc. Plus, I love the way I feel after exercise and I have to remind myself that although most the time I don't lose weight when I exercise, I still need to do it for my health - mental and physical.

I kept my resolutions super simple this year. This way, I won't get disappointed and give up at any time. No diet ones - just trying to take my vitamins and chill out a bit.

I want to get back to sewing too. I get in to something like soldering and only have just enough time to do one thing at a time, so I don't get to other things I love. I love sewing and want to find some projects that inspire me to get on the sewing train. Is there such a thing? There should be.

Okay - show and tell time, Here are a few gifts that I wanted to share from my friends and family.
Melissa made me this amazing calendar with photos of my family and ephemera. I can't begin to express just how much I love it. I really love it.
My mom knitted (it still amazes me how well others knit) me this gorgeous vest for my birthday. How? I have knitted a potholder and never tried it again. I will take a photo of it this week.  My mom also sent me her version of the block calendar like I made here. She folded her own boxes to put them in too.  She does things so well - quite the example growing up. And, she made us one of these bears with a music box in the back. We had one at our house while I was growing up.
Kathryn made me one of these scarves.  I really wanted one and am so grateful it was gifted to me.  
I have too many generous people in my life and for that, I am blessed.  


Heather said...

you wouldn't ask that question if you had been at the Y today--CRAZY! I had to be there for swim team, but finding a machine was nuts.

seven thirty three said...

I really need to get to the lumber store!!! I have been wanting to make blocks similar to those for my fireplace mantle... and also blocks to spell out my daughters name for her bedroom!!! Hmmm - this just makes me want to make it happen even more!

Happy New Year!

Melissa {polkadot chair} said...

I'm glad you like the tray... I'm going to steal your picture of it since I didn't take one before i gave it too you... hope that's okay...
you can steal the photos of the ornaments you made for my mom as "revenge" ha ha ha ha ha ha ha....

Misty said...

That calendar is amazing! Wow... I would LOVE to know how that was done!

Jen @ said...

I just discovered your blog. Love it! I love those blocks - I need to make some ASAP! I saw the soldered ornaments you made over at the polka dot chair (that's how I found you), I have been trying to figure out how to solder for a few months. I am terrible at it! Are there any helpful tips you can give me? Pleas, pretty please???

I am now a devoted follower!


Sharon-The OKI StampQueen said...

Love your gifts!!! Especially the tray! I've got to be the "step-mother of the groom" in June so YES, I am exercising too--as soon as the cold and congestion leave!!! In the meantime, trying to watch what I eat and up the water intake! Blessings, Sharon

Bianca said...

okay...your calendar...JEALOUS!! I love it! And if there really is a sewing train, you know I'll be on there with you!! And hey, I exercised today too....hooray!!!!