Wednesday, January 20, 2010

my sister

photo via safarisister
sent me these for my birthday. I love them. I love simple silver jewelry. These are perfect. I love the shop (SafariSister) that she bought them from at etsy. The girl makes beautiful jewelry. I just thought I would share.
this is the photo on the pattern not me!
Oh, and this is a picture from the pattern of the vest my mom knitted for me for my birthday. It's from Tahki Stacy Charles' Terra Collection. I had to break the news to her this week that is quite short on me. I am a bit tall and I didn't want to hurt her feelings because I knew she worked so hard on it. Thankfully, she just laughed (because she thought it was funny that I was nervous to tell her) then she asked which color I would like her to remake it in. Cool mom, huh?
And, lastly, my younger sister, Caitlin, gave birth to a healthy baby boy on Monday night. Very joyful.


Stephanie said...

Lucky YOU!

What sweet women you have in your life - love the earrings AND the vest!

Amy said...

Congrats on the new nephew!!! I hope everyone is doing well. I am sure you will be putting your craftyness to good use and making tons of baby boy items. Thanks for sharing your good news.

Anonymous said...

I love those earrings! very sculptural.

and yes, what a cool mom! hope the 2nd go fits better and can't wait to see pics of it! what color did you request?